Business Coaching

At Percy Emtage & Associates we provide Business Coaching for owners of Small Businesses and Professional Practices, Corporations and non-profit organizations, helping them overcome the obstacles they face to achieving the success they desire.

There are just a few common problems that hinder the success of all of these groups. Starting with these challenges usually uncovers all the other steps and processes that need to be addressed in order for success to be achieved.

These steps can then be addressed as needed. The challenges are:

  • They and their people don’t truly know their personal unique strengths and how to use them. So productivity and confidence is hindered – hence inefficient use of the organizations time and money.
  • They don’t have an effective written plan for their business, so they don’t really know what success would mean for them, or how to get there. (Strategic Planning)
  • In the case of multi-departmental companies, their managers have never been taught how to manage, with a focus on achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Many times they don’t even know what these goals and objectives really are, and how they contribute to achieving them – or not. (Management Training)
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