Heather Percy, President and Founder

Heather Percy is a Certified Business Coach.  She is a visionary and results driven leader with an extensive background in people development.

For the past 20 years Ms. Percy has worked in marketing and operations within global Hi-Tech companies – most recently as Vice President of Marketing at Hummingbird Ltd. (now Open Text) and at North Plains Systems.  In roles like these she has helped companies develop and implement strategy-based processes, and helped staff align their goals with their companies’ goals, thereby ensuring all facets of a company operate towards a common objective.

The success of companies depends on the success of their people.  As a firm believer in this principle, Ms. Percy has spent her career as an advocate for, and developer of, people. She has groomed Managers, supervisors, and leaders for their new and diverse roles. In companies and in the community, she mentors and coaches individuals to achieve their maximum potential – both in their personal and professional lives.

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